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We will gladly hold an unbinding meeting, where we contribute with the experience, we have gotten through the years.

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We take good care of your customers

Always accommodating and helpful

We love all types of customer service tasks, both the easy and the hard ones. Whether your customers are calling or mailing us with a question or a problem, we are always accommodating and helpful. Positive and satisfied customers. Frustrated and negative customers. We meet them all with our cheerful voices and help them get fulfilled exactly their needs.

Our lovely workplace and our incorporated quality procedures gives us the best condition to deliver cheerful voices – and the unique service, that our customers live by.

This is how our cheerful customer service is

With empathy and closeness

Our answer rates on the telephone are fast, and our advanced It-system help us secure that we have all the information we need at hand. This way we can concentrate about the dialogue, and give your customers a good service, the way you want it. With empathy, closeness and warmth. Every time

You really feel a difference

We always thoroughly familiarize with how you want us to service exactly your customers. So we understand your products, prices and workflow – and how you want us to handle different situations. And of course we make sure that all of our involved customer service workers will be dressed to do the task, to your full satisfaction. So we always make a difference.

We manage many different tasks

Here is a small selection of the different customer service tasks, we solve for our customers:

Make money on our customer service

We take care of your customer orders and inquiries, exactly like you would do it yourself, while you get peace to develop and grow your business.

You save the expenses and effort of having your own customer service department, because you safely can trust that we will take positively and professionally care of your customers.

You can also chose only to use us, when you are busy, so your own department can be limited to an efficient team. That I something that can be felt on the economy.

Always with quality

Our team leaders make ongoing quality checkups on our conversations and correspondence with your customers, to ensure that we constantly deliver a high quality. It is with a guaranty that we treat all of your customers well and advice them correctly. And thereby relieve you, so you confidently can concentrate on developing your business.

For every new customer at TopCall, we recommend that you follow our structured commissioning process:

  • Handover

    The handover period where you tell and show us everything that we need to know, to be able to solve the tasks in exactly the way you want it.

  • Test

    The test period, where you in different ways test if we have been dressed sufficiently, and add extra knowledge and feedback, where there is room for improvement.

  • Go-live

    Go-live-period where you continually monitor how we solve your tasks compared to your wishes, and immediately correct the mistakes that may happen.

  • Production

    We have now started full production, and you can expect that we will solve all of your customer service tasks to your full satisfaction.

Experiences from our customers

Get a customer case sent if you would like to read more about how we handle the customer service for one of your many happy customers. Including how they experience the changes in their everyday.

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    Quality boost and more time for sale

    ”Now that TopCalls receptionist takes all calls to our main number, our salesmen no longer have to spend time handling irrelevant calls and redirecting them. They can concentrate on the sales. Besides more time for sales, we have obtained a quality boost in the handling of our incoming calls...”

    • Carina Yong, Nyhavn Rejser

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