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  • More customers – nobody calls in vain, when you are busy

  • Better service – keep 100% focus on your customers

  • Fewer interruptions gives a greater efficiency

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Great service at reasonable prices

Quality and a good atmosphere

It is our mission to deliver the highest quality within telephone answering, customer service and live chat. We therefore have incorporated quality procedures and training concepts. We have a helpful and accommodating company spirit that we cherish. And we have an amazing atmosphere at our offices, which makes the foundation for always delivering our cheerful voices.

Biggest value possible for our customers

Because we have streamlined all of our administrative procedures, we can offer our customers the service, which we ourselves are so proud of, at particularly reasonable prices. And this way give then the biggest possible value for the money they invest, and the trust they show us, when they let us take care of their customers.

Last but not least we use an advanced call system tailormade to our customers need. This ensures that we can maintain the markets highest quality within telephone answering and customer service.


Find your own individual price for telephone answering

Here are our price charts for the different options of telephone answering. The price is usually way less, than what you make on our telephone answering.

All prices are in DKK exclusive of VAT.



You only pay for what you use

Once a month you will receive an invoice based on your current use. Beforehand we count how many calls we have taken for you, and connect it to our price charts, to see how much should be issued on the invoice.

So you can be sure that you always receive invoices that reflects how much we actually have helped you.

We really want it to pay off for you, to be one of our customers.

A modest deposit
Together with the first months invoice, we ask you to pay a small deposit. The deposit is the equivalent of your use the first month, provided that you are able to report your payments to PBS. Otherwise it will be the equivalent of to times the first month’s payment. Of course we will pay back the deposit, in case you chose to stop as one of our customers.

Cooperation worth gold

”I have gotten more time to repair cars, after TopCall started taking care of my phones. Actually it is so effective, that I often times intentionally let the phone ring on to TopCall, so I avoid getting disturbed, for example if in lying under the dashboard on a car. It has meant that I have gotten 2-3 hours extra work time a week..."

  • Michael Skjold, Skjold Auto

Reasonable solution for independent lawyers

”Before I made TopCall take care of my phones, I used a lot of time coordinating who should take care of which phones when, with the three other lawyers in our shared office. There were way too few calls for it to pay off to hire a receptionist, and it was only possible for my part-time lawyer secretary…"

  • Michael Bjørn Hansen, advokat

No customers calls in vain

“Before when I called back customers, that I could see had called, or had left a message on my answering machine, they often already had booked an appointment with someone else. I’m past that now, because TopCall takes care of both my phone and mu calendar now, and it has actually shown to be a really good business to me.”

  • Charlotte Kuszon, Akupunktør