”I own Nybolig on Gl. Kongevej in Frederiksberg, and with us it is really important that no customers call in vain. That is why we have TopCall to answer the calls when we ourselves are busy with customers.
It works really well.”
Owner Gitte Grønlund, Nybolig, Gl. Kongevej

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Our happy customers

A lovely variety of customers

Our customers are companies across the whole country, in many different sizes and industries. They all have in common, that they appreciate good customer service, high quality, an extra good bottom line and effective workdays.

Many of our customers are small companies, who get more new customers, together with a substantial relief – and freedom – by us taking care of their telephones and answering their calls, when they chose to let them go on to us.

Other of our customers are bigger companies, some with departments in different places, who make money on us working as their own external telephone switchboard or customer service.

Feel free to contact our customers, and heat what they think about our cooperation.

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No more stress

"There is nothing that stresses more than talking to a customer, and the phone just chimes in the background. It's over now that my phone switches to TopCall. Customers are also positive because they always get greated by a living person."

Henrik Pedersen
J. A. Auto

A selection of our happy customers gives their opinion

The cooperation is good business

"It has meant a great deal for my customers that there is always someone who answers the phone when they call me. They find it very positive that I have "got a secretary" and experience that TopCall's receptionists belong to my law firm …"

Jacob Larsø Perregaard, Advokat

Very good solution for us

"Here at Øjenlægernes Center we are often busy by treatments or consultations. Therefore, we have TopCall to take care of the customers who call. It is a very good solution for us."

Dr.med. Sven Asp, eye surgeon
Øjenlægernes Center

Security for me and my customers

"When my customers have talked to TopCall, I get to know later that they do not feel they called a Call Center. On the contrary, they have the experience of calling directly to our business. - It provides security for both me and my customers.
- I'm also very impressed with TopCall's messages. - They briefly and precisely contain the essence of the conversation with the customer, so I am well prepared when I call back to the customer."

Knud Larsen, Bedemand
Frederikssund Begravelsesforretning

A good workday

"When we are busy with customers in the store, we cannot answer the phones. It will be bad service for the customers we stand and serve.
Therefore, we have TopCall to help us answer the calls. It gives a good working day when we know that no customers call in vain."

Anders Thorborg, Indehaver
Hvidt og Frit

Help when we are busy

"Duka PC has experienced a fantastic growth and, of course, it also gives a lot of calls on the phones. Therefore, we have partnered with TopCall so they can help our customers when we are busy."

Erik Hougaard, Director
duka PC

Really great customer Service

"Here at Spinderiet its TopCall that answers our phones. Our customers benefits from TopCalls service, and they are excellent at sorting the calls, so only the right ones are forwarded. TopCall also calls the security guard if people have forgotten something in the center - all in all a perfect service."

Christer Skov Thorell, Centerchef

Peace of mind

"We have TopCall as backup on our phones, and it has given us more peace of mind when we talk to the customers, because we know that the phone is being answered. Now we also get things done and we have the freedom to call back when we have a sparemoment. We have been in business for many years and have built up a good customer base. But if new customers are needed, this service is an obvious option. It definetly gives new customers as they no longer call in vain. "

Keld Jakobsen
Alpha Service ApS

Increased turnover and freedom

"TopCall answers my phone and controls my calendar. It has increased my turnover of DKK 10,000 a month, and TopCall's service costs only DKK 2500, so it's a really good business for me. But it's not the best. My work days are much more comfortable. In my lunch break I go for a walk and relax. When I come back, there are two new appointments in the calendar. That is lovely."

Dorte Vilhelmsen, Zoneterapeut
Clinic Dorte V

Our customers come from many different industries

Here is a small selection of them