You can always see, what we are doing

Free online-program for TopCalls customers

It is a completely natural thing for us, that you always are welcome to keep an eye on our machinery. So you can keep up with, which calls we take, and how many new customers we welcome on your behalf.

That’s why we have developed the online-program MyTopCall, which is free for everyone, who had telephone service with us.

  • my-topcall
    • It is simple, user-friendly and gives a quick overview.
    • You can see who has called, how long every call has been, and what messages we have sent you.
    • You can see exactly what calls are from new customers, and follow-up on them.
    • You can see a graphical representation of how the number of calls develops over time.
    • You can see how long the wait has been for each call.
    • Your invoices, which you have already gotten through mail, are gathered here, so you easily can find them.

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